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Family Name Location Originator
RACHEL Oddington,Gloucestershire Davnet Barker
RAINBOW Richard Sutton-under Brailles,Warks Ancestor Gateway
RALPH all,Kent Alan Isaac
RAMSDALE St Helen's,Lancashire Doreen Whitaker
RAMSEN Horton, Bradford,Yorkshire Cretia Olsen
RAWLINSON Widnes,Lancashire Doreen Whitaker
REDDING Thomas father of Helena Gertrude Ealing,Middlesex Neal Ball
REEDMAN Stamford,Lincolnshire Paul Reedman
REEDMAN Langtoft,Lincolnshire Andy Reedman
REEDMAN All,Lincolnshire (I am in Oz) Judith Reedman
REGAN Catherine --,Ireland Elizabeth Parry
RHODES Shirland,Derbyshire Marlene Stapleford
RICHARDS Minnie Dover,Kent Clive Perkins
RICHARDS Walter (or any Richards) Stamford,Lincolnshire Kirstie Moore
RIDDELL Needwood/Uttoxeter/Burton-on-Trent/Rolleston,Staffordshire Colin Talbot
RINGER Mildenhall/Thetford,Norfolk A G
ROBINSON William Abingdon,Berkshire Deb Beban
ROCH Pembroke Dock & Woowich,London Bob Sanders
ROOK or ROOKE Binbrook&surrounding villages Branston Ludford,Lincolnshire Sue Martin
ROSE all,Lincolnshire Kathy Irwin
ROSE Barbara ALL,Lincolnshire Kathy Irwin
ROSSINGTON Blankney &district + anywhere,South Lincolnshire Pat Cook (nee Stead)
ROUSE Ardleigh,Essex David Cray
ROWLAT Anna (see PARKER William) Empingham,Rutland John Grant
ROWSELL Charles railway guard,wife Mary, son Albert --,Somerset Elizabeth Parry
RUDDLE Hannah Clifton Bristol,Somerset Jane A. Payne
RYLEY &or HUNTER Louth,Lincolnshire Marney Stephenson